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Next Hop Co., Ltd provides Business IT Support and IT Strategy for Small, Medium and Enterprise Sized Businesses in the Myanmar. Founded in 2008, our customer centric technicians have over 6 years of combined work experience and can address any technical puzzle you bring our way. Managed Services, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Consulting, Network Security, Design, Implementation, Disaster Recovery and Break/Fix support are a few of the technical services that we provide. We also provide Hosted Exchange and SharePoint, Web Hosting and Development and a host of other cloud based services. Whether you are looking at Office 365, Managed Anti-Virus or any other emerging solutions, let us be your guide through the vast world of technology.

Our expertise allows you to focus on what's important; running your business.

Next Hop Technical Services

From networks of 5 to 2000 and more than computers, our experts will ensure your systems run at peak efficiency in a secure and stable environment. Contact Next Hop and set up an appointment for a complimentary analysis of your network security and stability. Let us show you how we can reduce your overall technology budget, while increasing the reliability of your current infrastructure.

When you just want your technology to work, trust the network experts at Next Hop. Our partnerships with Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CompTIA, HP, APC, Prolink, Lenovo, Linux, Unix, UBNT, Zyxel, etc. And other trusted vendors ensure we will always provide you with the best solution for your business.

What makes us different from all other providers is that our staff is NEVER compensated by how much they sell and give service they are only judged on the quality of the solutions they provide and the absolute satisfaction of our clients.


About Next Hop Emerging Technologies

Founded in Yangon, Myanmar by seasoned entrepreneurs, Next Hop Emerging Technologies is an award winning emerging technology company whose goal is to successfully integrate technology solutions, which meet its client’s needs and budget. We strive to ensure our customers to never surprise of their cost and also not have to take the service and device they don’t absolutely require. Here is our mission describes with honesty; integrity and communication make Next Hop unique:

“To makes Next Hop's services different from all of the other technical support providers”

Next Hop's technologists are chosen for their ability to "actively listen", to ensure we understand the challenges you face and to ensure our solutions meet your needs and your budget. We explain our process and findings in language you can understand and always give you multiple options so that you can make the decision the best for your business.

We will never sell you something you don't need. Next Hop's technicians are prohibited from selling. They are only compensated based upon the relationships they build with our customers, which helps to ensure their goals are always aligned with yours and that of your company. We will provide you as much information as you need to make the decision that is right for you, not what’s right for us.

Almost all computer support companies align themselves with one or two manufactures and then only recommend their products or solutions. In many cases, their motivation is not that a particular provider is better than others; rather that they receive incentives for selling this particular product. Why would you help your provider to get paid on both ends while you get stuck with sub-par equipment?

We are "provider agnostic", which means that we don’t push one vendor over another based on "kickbacks". We cultivate relationships with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to ensure that we can provide the best pricing to our customers. If we can't find a lower price, we’ll tell you where you can get it on your own. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers. If we build a relationship build on trust, we’ll both grow together and in the long run, be richer for the experience.

How can you see that our formula for success; Honesty, Integrity and Communication, is working? Simply ask our customers. We rarely advertise and have grown over the last six years by word-of-mouth and referrals. If our customers trust us to help their colleagues, friends and families we must be doing something right, effective and efficiently.


Next Hop Company Limited.

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